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為幫助香港少數族裔學生解決中文寫作上的問題,本研究以説明文寫作教學為例,運用系統功能語言學的圖式結構、主位述位結構、銜接系統等理論,分析學生的前後測寫作文本表現的轉變。本研究是一項質性研究,結合師生訪談、課堂研習、文本分析等研究工具,檢視並評估中文教師運用「閲讀促進學習」 (Reading to Learn,簡稱 R2L) 教學法,對提高少數族裔學生在説明文的遣詞造句和謀篇佈局的寫作能力。研究結果顯示,運用系統功能語言學理論能夠準確分辨少數族裔學生在寫作上遇到的問題,中文教師運用 R2L 教學法來施教,也有助提高學生寫作説明文的能力。





Systemic Functional Linguistics in Teaching Explanation Writing to Multicultural Secondary Students in Hong Kong: The Application and Effectiveness

Tai Chung-pui

Kong Tsz Ching

Yung Wan Shan

University of Hong Kong, SAR China



The aim of the present study was to explore a pedagogy developed from Systemic Functional Linguistics, widely known as “Reading to Learn (R2L)”, and its effectiveness in classrooms. One local Chinese teacher from a secondary school and her Secondary Three multicultural students were selected in this study. Using a qualitative research approach, semi-structured interview, lesson study and text analysis were conducted to explore whether Systemic Functional Linguistics was considered and in fact effective for the students to acquire Chinese words, sentences and passages. The pre-test and post-test response scripts were categorized and analyzed. Importantly, the students’ writings were collected before and after the teaching, and analyzed through the paradigm of Systemic Functional Linguistics, which emphases the Schematic Structure, ThemeRheme Structure, Cohesion System in writing. It should also be mentioned that semi-structured interviews and lesson study were conducted to obtain a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of using R2L in real teaching practices. There are two main findings in the study. Firstly, in line with many scholars, it is concluded that Systemic Functional Linguistics is a power tool for text analysis, as it explains some major writing problems that were facing the multicultural students. Secondly, R2L appears to be a practical pedagogy in teaching Chinese essay writing to second language learners, the participating students were more active and engaged in classroom activities, they also showed clear improvement in their writings in terms of the content and structure.



Systemic Functional Linguistics, schematic structure, Theme-Rheme structure, cohesion system