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Cognitive Linguistics in Chinese Teaching and Learning


Shu-Ling Wu

Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA


30 May, 2021







Systemic Functional Linguistics and Chinese Grammar


Edward McDonald

The Compleat Translator, Australia

Pin Wang

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China



15 Nov, 2020




Special Issue 

Systemic Functional Linguistics and Chinese Grammar

(Download the full CFP here)


Guest Editors

Edward McDonald, The Compleat Translator, Australia

Pin Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


Aims and Scopes

This special issue aims to explore the conceptualisation and realisation of pedagogical grammar as applied to the teaching of Chinese. We welcome the ambiguity of “grammar” in English, where it may either refer to the general concept (语法) or to that concept as embodied in an explicit description (汉语语法、语法书). Combining that broad interpretation with an explicitly SFL viewpoint, we also understand grammar as joined with lexis in a continuum of wording choices whereby no grammar comes without lexis and vice-versa, with this unified lexicogrammar seen as realising the meanings of a text in context. From a pedagogical point of view, therefore, while we recognize the utility of “reference grammars”, i.e. descriptive grammars designed to be consulted by teachers and learners, we see the teaching of grammar as covering a wider range than that, with grammatical considerations informing the design of materials for other aspects of the language, and grammatical patterns functioning as one door into the understanding of texts.

We welcome articles that examine issues falling within this broad scope, whether concentrating on the description or the teaching of Chinese grammar, or the intersection between the two. While SFL-informed approaches still constitute a minority within Chinese teaching, we believe they have much to offer the field as a whole, whether in conceptualising key issues and critiquing current practice, or in demonstrating different ways of approaching the challenge of teaching the grammar of Chinese in the context of an integrated pedagogical program.


Important Dates

-       Abstract submission due: 15 Nov, 2020

-       Initial notification: 30 Nov, 2020

-       Full manuscripts due: 1 March, 2021

-       Revised manuscripts due: 15 May, 2021

-       Publication date: June or September 2021


Submission Instructions

We accept submissions written in English or Chinese. English Articles should be around 9,000 words and Chinese articles 10,000 Chinese characters (inclusive of notes and bibliography). For formatting requirements, contributors are invited to review online the journal’s style guide and recent publications at Questions about this special issue and submission of abstracts and full manuscripts should be sent to guest editors at (Edward McDonald) and (Pin Wang).






Edward McDonald, The Compleat Translator, Australia








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