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职前国际中文教师线上教学能力成长情况研究 ——基于沙特阿拉伯中文项目的实践与反思

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现代教育技术高速发展,国际中文教育数字教学资源及远程教学模式逐渐普及。本研究依托沙特阿拉伯中文项目,构建线上教学能力的 3 个一级维度及 8 个二级维度,并依据维度设计问卷和访谈。随后以 40 名负责小班课教学的职前国际中文教师为研究对象,通过问卷调查、追踪访谈、课堂观察,对项目内教师的线上教学能力展开了调查。结果显示,通过短期项目实践,职前教师在教学设计与分析、课堂组织与管理、教学评价与反馈三大维度均有不同程度的成长。其中,课堂组织与管理能力显著提升,教学评价与反馈能力提升程度相对不大。基于线上教学能力的情况调查,本文结合国际中文教育线上教学的特点、沙特阿拉伯的国别化特征,对职前教师线上教学能力的成长提出了建议。





Online Teaching Ability of Pre-Service International Chinese Language Teachers: Practice and Reflection of the Chinese Language Project of Saudi Arabia

Yun He

Qihong Zhang

College of International Education, Minzu University, China

Confucius Institute of Scotland at University of Edinburgh, UK



With the rapid advancement of modern educational technology, the utilization of digital teaching resources and distance teaching methods in international Chinese education has become increasingly widespread. This research is based on the Chinese language project of Saudi Arabia. It establishes three primary dimensions and eight secondary dimensions for assessing online teaching ability. Questionnaires and interviews are designed based on these dimensions, with a focus on 40 pre-service Chinese teachers who are responsible for small class teaching. The study investigates the online teaching ability of these pre-service teachers through the administration of questionnaires and subsequent interviews. The findings reveal that, following their participation in the short-term project, the pre-service teachers have shown varying levels of growth in three dimensions: instructional design and analysis, online classroom organization and management, and teaching evaluation and feedback. Specifically, there has been significant improvement in classroom organization and monitoring, while the ability to evaluate and provide feedback on teaching has not exhibited substantial progress. Drawing from the investigation of online teaching ability, this paper combines the characteristics of online teaching in international Chinese education with the specific context of Saudi Arabia to propose suggestions for enhancing the online teaching ability of pre-service teachers.



Modernization of international Chinese education and teaching, online teaching ability, Saudi Chinese project, pre-service international Chinese teachers